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New Trade Entry!!

If you are unable to enter this position before the market closes today, you could repeat this process to enter this position through the next trading day:  

DO NOT attempt to get into this trade after the next trading day’s close.   

Buying Option notice: If for any reason you do not receive instructions communicating to close the position by the 3:45 pm EST the day your option is set to expire, please make sure you place MARKET ORDER to “Sell to Close” to ensure you are out of your positions prior to the close of the market. 

Traders Commentary: If additional information or rationale for getting into the trade is available there will be a link here to review, otherwise no other commentary has been provided.


Trade Small but Often : This will spread your risk out, rather than going heavy on any one trade. Remember, “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. So, don’t be greedy!

The Fear and Greed Factor : Trades sometimes go both directions before they really start to move in your favor. Don’t be fearful if that happens. If you bail out too early you lose out when it turns around. We do all the hard work, and we will monitor the trade to maximize your gains.  That said, “you don’t go broke taking profits”. 

Fixed Percentage vs Fixed Dollar amount: We recommend putting somewhere between 1% to 4% maximum of your trading capital on any one trade.

Additional instructions: We strongly encourage you to read the entire handbook in your account. Familiarize yourself with these rules and the other helpful tips and information inside your manual. Understanding the concepts within will help set up the proper expectations to trading and assist in developing good trading practices needed to help enhance your overall success!