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Profit Protector

We look at hedging our positions so you can collect premium on EVERY TRADE!

4* – 6 Trades Per Month

Short term holding period (1-3 weeks)

High win rate, smaller gains

Trade delivery via email & sms*

Clear instructions to ENTER & EXIT Trades.

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Get BETTER results on your investment with our Profit Protector program.

  • Shorter term trading helps limit your market exposure and lets you protect your capital by getting in and out of each trade fast, while helping you target double digit winners in as quick as 24 hours.
  • Signals triggered by our proprietary AI algorithms and with this technique, wins are more frequent with small to huge gains.
  • Buying in right before an anticipated jump like the ones we find around earnings.
  • Hedging strategy where we sell and buy for protection on OTM options.
  • We typically find less expensive opportunities that we anticipate quick moves accompanied by swift expansions in implied volatalities.
  • Higher win rate while collecting cash flow much more regularly.
  • An exceptional tool for managing risk!

There are many successful traders, and they are VERY successful making money.

Just like all of our clients, You will understand the difference between others & WGC Trading, our motto is Trading RIGHT with WISE Advice.

Please be rest assured, you’ll get all details and much more to make things right for you, with our wise advise, you’ll trade RIGHT, on TIME & most importantly WIN, WIN & WIN!!! 

More in control of your money as your capital is never tied up longer than 30 days.

Excellent way to earn income with limited risk or to profit from the underlying stock's price, or both.

Immediate notifications on Trades

Complete guidance through all stages

Lower Price THAN the Competition as we want our Clients to WIN, SAVE & PROFIT with WGC Trading!

Choose Your Payment Plan


$ 195
  • 4-6 Trades/ Month


$ 1495
  • Save $845 over the monthly price
  • Save $485 over the quarterly price
Best Value


$ 495
  • Save $90 over the monthly price
Great Value

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